CiCi’s Pizza

We picked up a pizza (to go) Sunday evening at CiCi’s Pizza (2500 N Meridian Ave, Oklahoma City). Ci Ci’s isn’t new to us, so we knew what to expect. This particular CiCi’s seems to put more toppings on their pizzas than usual, which is a very nice feature. Nevertheless, it is CiCi’s, so the food is mediocre – at best – in sort of a “you get what you pay for” kind of way. It is most certainly cheap. Our mushroom pizza was fairly good (for CiCi’s, at least), but the soft crust and bland, but (apparently) salty sauce only warrant 2.5 stars. CiCi’s (in general, not just this site) overall rating is 1.5 stars. At least it’s very inexpensive….
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