Hello (again), world!

Well, after a fair number of years (10? 20? …dunno) of using WordPress for my on-again/off-again blog, it finally bit the proverbial dust when I tried to upgrade to WP6.2. And, of course, I never do backups of the blog, since it’s generally been useless trivia and website update info…nothing actually important.

So…this is blog, take 2, begun on April 3, 2023.

I have to say that the re-installation of WordPress has gone extremely roughly, and the default theme is majorly ugly…and it’s really difficult to find (and use) better themes. I liked one of them, activated it, and the screen went all white…sort of like right after the v6.2 “upgrade” (although with that, at least I got a completely unhelpful error message).


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