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October 20, 2004: Moved this replica of the old site (at to

May 25, 2004: Added link to new site and updated the license plate links.

February 17, 2004: Updated references to "Phoenix" to "Firefox" (the browser) and added a graphical link to the Firefox Website. Also added news of plans to move to a Web host.

January 30, 2004: Created a new WAP site and linked it to the main page. It replaces the old WML site that had very limited functionality (as a result of the inability of my phone [at the time] to do very much with it).

January 22, 2003: Reorganized the Photo pages to put all the XML/XSL/HTML pages together in a single directory - accessible via my main directory (Cox's setup requires a separate logon for each main directory, such as /cmsharpe, /cmsphoto1, etc.). Also changed the background image from "marble" to a homemade snowflake.

January 21, 2003: Added another photo set (Great Lakes 2002) to the Photos Pages.

January 19, 2003: Made several changes to file and directory structures (mainly Photos Pages) and to CSS files.

January 15-16, 2003: Added two new photo sets (Texas and Arizona 2002) to the Photos Pages.

January 7, 2003: Finally finished the transition to XHTML! The Photo pages were redone in XML and W3c's Xerces/Xalan processors did the conversion to XHTML (with the help of a little Python program I wrote to simplify the process). One page (photos.html) is not yet entirely XHTML, however, due to code.

December 24, 2002: Moved all binary (audio & image) files to their own directories. Made necessary changes to all (X)HTML pages. Added photohome icon for photo pages.

December 16-19, 2002: Set links to underline only in hover mode (and other anchor tags to not underline) and brought the Browser Info, Countdown Timer, Color Sampler, cmsWxCalc Disclaimer, About cmsWxcalc, and cmsWxCalc Help pages into compliance with current XHTML/JS rules. Made other minor improvements.

December 11, 2002: Updated primes.html to remove frames and to use the DOM for its output. Also made it XHTML 1.1.

December 10, 2002: Created home.png and began distributing it to appropriate pages, replacing "<-- Return to Cheryl's Spot on the Web" links. As usual, this page was the first to receive the new link image.

December 6, 2002: Fixed the Calendar JavaScript program so that it works with browsers other than IE. Converted the Calendar page to XHTML 1.1 while I was at it.

November 30, 2002: Removed a font tag from the e-mail script and corrected several descriptions. Converted this page to "XHTML 1.1" (from "XHTML 1.0 Transitional").

November 27, 2002: Made a lot of changes to text and linkages. Added a link to my new WML page.

November 14, 2002: Restored the date/time display (this time from the site). Corrected a few minor errors.

November 12, 2002: Added a "favicon" to the main page, along with the required 'link rel' tag. Also changed the hard-coded "Last updated" line to use the LastModified.js script.

May 30-June 12, 2002: Moved this site to from As of June 12, the counter has not yet been adjusted to count hits on this site, but it should be taken care of by July 1.

May 14, 2002: Re-added the date/time display. Apparently it's 'not dead' after all.

May 8, 2002: Removed the date/time display from Telepath. The former Telepath service was acquired by, which has just unloaded much of their service on Earthlink. So... no more Telepath. The date/time feature will be added again later if I can find a reliable clock or figure something out with JavaScript.

March 13, 2002: Did a minor JavaScript correction.

March 7, 2002: Updated some things on the Home page and removed a bit of deprecated [X]HTML code.

February 21, 2002 to January 7, 2003: Converted to XHTML 1.0 (or XHTML 1.1)! The first page converted was this one.

January 11, 2002: Changed the main logo again, this time to clean up the text, change the fonts, and change the colors. Made similar changes to the cmsWxCalcIII logo.

January 9 & 10, 2002: Added color name identification to the HTML color program.

January 8, 2002: Changed the main logo from a .png file to a .gif file so the transparent background would work.

January 4, 2002: Added the "Cheryl's Spot on the Web" logo to most pages and made related changes to the CSS file (spot.css).

December 26, 2001: Removed the "What's New" section and pointed the Quick Link directly to this page. Revised the E-mail reference to combat spam (with some help from here). Added the sun/moon rise/set graphic from Also made a few minor changes, including adding "The Original" and repositioning the Established and Updated lines.

December 20, 2001: Did a major overhaul of the organization of my various main Web pages. "Spot 2" became the Photo Pages; the Spot index page moved from the /spot directory to the main directory; the Photos section of Spot moved to the Photos/Archives - Miscellaneous page; and various minor touchups were made to deal with the changes. The GeoCities humor site was created.

November 15, 2001: Replaced/updated old links, added the highway signs link, added a new class ("label") to spot.css, and made several minor corrections and updates.

November 3, 2001: Reorganized the former "Cosmology" and "Me" sections to simply "Other" and added a link to The Urban Legends Reference Pages.

October 3, 2001: Restored the time/date CGI access that was lost on the previous update.

September 21, 2001: New home! This page was moved from to Cox Cable's site, due to rather bad conditions at the former site. I was unable to keep the time/date CGI access. Hopefully, I can replace that later.

August 6, 2001: Added a shortcut to the vi cheatsheet page.

August 1, 2001: Restored May 3 version of this site after US.Inter.Net (Telepath) apparently lost my newer copies (they restored from the April 3 version!). Restored the link to that had been lost in the reload. Also added a link to my newly spiffed-up "Spot 2" site.

May 3, 2001: Cleaned up the HTML throughout the site, with the assistance of Dr. Watson (see their site for details).

April 3, 2001: Added the link to the 216 HTML color names.

March 27, 2001: Added the link to a CSS-compatibility page.

March 16, 2001: Added the JavaScript application that can display all 16,777,216 colors that HTML can identify.

February 23, 2001: Made some changes to the background design: pink background, fuchsia border, added margins, some of which didn't work.

February 14, 2001: Added the link to a great HTML/CSS/Browser site.

February 9, 2001: Added the link to a great CSS reference page. Also made some minor CSS changes.

February 2, 2001: Added a link to the Prime Factor program and made a few minor wording changes. Also added a link to Netscape's JavaScript reference. Fixed bugs in several JavaScript routines so they now work okay with Netscape Navigator.

January 27, 2001: Added a link to Garmin's GPS page.

January 25, 2001: Made the background static (for browsers that support that), and fixed a few minor wording oddities. Also added a couple Christmas tunes, as murdered by a synthesized voice, in the Humor section.

January 8, 2001: Added the link to local weather from the NWS and made several minor touchups. Also added the JavaScript countdown timer.

January 7, 2001: Introduced a style sheet to help make the Site more uniform. Also added the Quick Links and made corresponding changes to "back home" links from other pages.

January 4, 2001: Updated the "calendar" JavaScript application to write into its own window, rather than creating a pop-up.

December 31, 2000: Added Netscape compatibility comments to the (new) JavaScript subsection. Divided the computer/internet section into JavaScript and Other subsections. Temporarily added "happy new year" to top of page (removed it on Jan. 7).

December 28, 2000: Added a link to a new color program (Colors216.html), removed a bunch of old "New!" labels and changed this page to the same "look" as the main page. Also added the "New Stuff" graphic and the mailbox graphic.

December 27, 2000: Added the link to the Calendar JavaScript thingie.

December 18, 2000: Added a link to cmsWxCalcIII.

December 13, 2000: Added a link to Aunt Mary's Yarns to the Looney Tunes page. Also added the link to the browser-detector in the Computer/Internet section of the index page.

December 7, 2000: Added the Javascript-based color-examples screen (bgcolor.html).

December 5, 2000: Changed the background color from black to a "marble" tile background on the main page in order to use a weather sticker from WeatherUnderground that isn't available without a transparent background. Also changed font colors appropriately. The green aurora picture was added, too.

December 1, 2000: Changed the colors on the main page, this page, and the vi page to standard colors (216 basic colors or 16 main colors). Also changed the look of the "About me" page.

November 30, 2000: Changed the Weather Underground display and added the current date/time from

November 29, 2000: Added the license plate link.

November 28, 2000: Made the Interests section a series of lists (<ul></ul> in HTML-ese), added the Cosmology section with a link to Reasons to Believe, and added the Myers-Briggs links in the Me section. Also moved the e-mail link to near the top and made a few minor cosmetic adjustments.

November 25, 2000: Revised the Pictures section into a table and made appropriate adjustments and additions. Also added the "vi powered" logo to the vi page.

November 24, 2000: Added the vi editor command page and a counter from "".

November 23, 2000: Added the Computer/Internet section to the Interests group. Also added a silly holiday gag to the Humor section (which was later removed).

November 21, 2000: Added thumbnails for all the photos and did a little text editing. Changed the font of the title (to several possibilities, depending on what's available). Also added this page!

November 20, 2000: Began detailed log of new features (that would be this page!). Added the link to

January 28, 1998: Site was recreated on's server (was

November 6, 1997: Site was temporarily deleted, pending reorganization on new server (Telepath).

September 1, 1997: Site was begun on's server. I don't remember exactly what its title was, but it was probably something like, "Cheryl's Home Page," or something profound like that. :-)

September 1, 1997 to June, 2000: Lots of other stuff that I didn't keep track of. Sorry....


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