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SCDwriter 3.7


SCDwriter is a group of files, including the Python 2.5+ (but not Python 3.x+) main program and setup program, a couple of configuration files, and a Linux script that executes the program with appropriate options. The program is designed to create an NWS Supplemental Climate Data observation, appropriately formatted, given user input via a helpful GUI. The setup files listed here are set up for the WFO Norman OK AWIPS system.

System Requirements

Installation (Linux)

Save all the component files (see below) in a directory of your choice. Run and load the supplied .scdcf file. Edit each field as necessary to match your requirements, then save it to the file name you wish to use. You can use a text editor to change the SCDwriterXdefaults.txt file if you wish, but the provided example is quite functional. Edit SCDwriter3 to point to the correct directory (as determined in the first step, above). Finally, to create a taskbar icon, follow the Linux instructions for adding a menu item, fill in the program name, point the menu to the bash script name (SCDwriter3), and select the icon provided (SCD.png) - or one of your own choosing.

Execute the program by clicking the icon or by running SCDwriter3 on a command prompt. A progress bar should show up, then the program. See the user documentation for more details (the documentation is for a previous version of the program).



This program's author is Cheryl M. Sharpe, and the latest update was December 24, 2011. The author grants you, the user, free access to the software components listed above, with the understanding that your use of the software is completely at your own risk. Although I have attempted to create a bug-free program, I am not a software corporation, and have neither the time nor the ability to debug this software thoroughly. In addition, misuse of the program, or entry of nonsense data, may provide meaningless or inaccurate results without warning. You are responsible for knowing what data are reasonable and what results are reasonable.

You are permitted to modify the code to suit your purposes. However, you are not permitted to redistribute altered code without notifying the author in advance (see my original home page for contact information). Sale (for any fee, for any reason) of this program is absolutely prohibited.

Finally, the author does not guarantee technical support of any kind (beyond the scope of this documentation and in-code comments) for this, or any other program - except as noted in the "About" menu item, if one is provided.