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Latitude & Longitude to Distance

This program accepts two pairs of latitudes and longitudes (WGS84 datum), and displays the distance between those locations (on the Earth's surface). "Simple geometry" refers to a simple trigonometric 2-dimensional distance, which accounts only for changing lengths of distances between meridians. It is useful only for short distances (less than 500 km) where the two points are in the same quadrant of the Earth. Great Circle distances assume a spherical Earth. Vincenty formulae compute the distances including WGS84 datum corrections, and should generally be the most accurate, except for very short distances.

Precision of measurements is approximately 111 km divided by 10 to the power of the number of decimal places. For example, 5 decimal places is approximately 111 km / 105, which is 1.11 m.

Starting latitude
Starting longitude
Ending latitude
Ending longitude
Distance units
Simple geometry:
Great Circle:
Vincenty formulae:

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