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cmsWxCalc6, ver. 1.0


The history of the WxCalc series is described fully in its online documentation. cmsWxCalc6 is a calculator that works with supplied weather parameters (temperature, humidity, wind, pressure) to compute those that are not supplied.

System Requirements


Copy the provided files into the directory of your choice. If desired, create an icon to point to the file (you may want to rename it to cmsWxCalc6.pyw so it doesn't start up a console window).


* The file provided for locating airport ICAO codes is the best I could find online, but it is not completely reliable. In addition, since it was authored in Germany, some locations' spellings are German. Some location descriptions are not consistent, such as the inclusion or exclusion of Canadian province names. A check on February 2, 2005 indicates that the source website appears to have either been moved or removed.


This program is ©2005 by Cheryl M. Sharpe. The author grants you, the user, free access to the software components listed above, with the understanding that your use of the software is completely at your own risk. Although I have attempted to create a bug-free program, I am not a software corporation, and have neither the time nor the ability to debug this software thoroughly. In addition, misuse of the program, or entry of nonsense data, may provide meaningless or inaccurate results without warning. You are responsible for knowing what data are reasonable and what results are reasonable.

You are permitted to modify the code to suit your purposes. However, you are not permitted to redistribute altered code without notifying the author in advance (see my original home page for contact information). Sale (for any fee, for any reason) of this program is absolutely prohibited.

Finally, the author does not guarantee technical support of any kind (beyond the scope of this documentation and in-code comments) for this, or any other program - except as noted in the "About" menu item, if one is provided.