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cmsWxCalc, ver. 7.0

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cmsWxCalc7 is the seventh in a series of "weather calculators" by this author. This version is written in Java, and currently consists only of the calculator libraries and their documentation.

System Requirements

The WxCalc library

Documentation: JavaDoc (downloadable ZIP file)

JAR file: JAR file

The author does not guarantee technical support of any kind (beyond the scope of this documentation and in-code comments) for this, or any other program - except as noted in the "About" menu item, if one is provided.

How to Use the Library

Eclipse IDE

When creating an application that uses wxCalc, click the "Libraries" tab on the "New Java Project" dialog. Click "Add External JARs..." and navigate to your saved copy of the WxCalc.jar file. You'll also need to point the project to the JavaDoc address (above) to use the JavaDocs (or download the ZIP file, extract it, and point to that). To do this, right-click the WxCalc.jar entry under "Referenced Libraries" in "Package Explorer", and select "Properties". The rest should be obvious.

NetBeans IDE

Right-click your project name in the "Projects" list, select "Properties", then "Libraries", and click "Add JAR/Folder". Navigate to your saved copy of WxCalc.jar and add it. Good luck with documentaion (JavaDoc). It's probably easy, but I haven't yet had a chance to do it.


Good luck! :-)

Project History

The history of this project, up through cmsWxCalc6, is here. This version was begun in April, 2007, and, after eight months of infrequent effort, version 7.0 was completed December 20, 2007.

The numbering system has been changed with this version. Instead of the project being called cmsWxCalc7 in the documentation, it is referred to as cmsWxCalc, version 7.x. Here are the old and new version numbers:

Table of cmsWxCalc versions
Old name New version
wxCalc cmsWxCalc 1.0
wxCalc2 (never completed - converted to wxCalc2a)
wxCalc2a cmsWxCalc 2.x
cmsWxCalc3 1.0 cmsWxCalc 3.0
cmsWxCalc3 1.1.x cmsWxCalc 3.1.x
cmsWxCalc3 1.2.x cmsWxCalc 3.2.x
cmsWxCalc3 1.3.x cmsWxCalc 3.3.x
cmsWxCalc3 2.0 cmsWxCalc 3.4
cmsWxCalc4 cmsWxCalc 4.x
cmsWxCalc5 cmsWxCalc 5.x (never completed)
cmsWxCalc6 cmsWxCalc 6.x