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Canadian Rockies 2016

Southwest Alberta and Southeast British Columbia

Thursday July 7 through Monday July 18

We flew from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Houston, Texas (Intercontinental Airport) to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Thursday, July 7. This was my first visit to Alberta and British Columbia in almost exactly 39 years (I was there, in roughly the same area, with my parents from July 8 through 11, 1977). We drove from Edmonton to Calgary, then visited Banff, Kootenay, Yoho, and Jasper National Parks over the course of about a week and a half. It rained almost every day, but we still managed to do a lot of hiking. We just had to carry umbrellas and hike through mud and puddles. On the last day, we visited the Edmonton, Alberta office of Environment Canada, and got a guided tour of the weather office there.

In the notes below, "(Jasper NP)" refers to Jasper National Park, Alberta. Visiting Jasper National Park was the primary motivation for this trip.

My Garmin Oregon 600 did the majority of the higher-quality tracking, and its tracks are presented here.

Unless specified otherwise, GPX tracks are unedited (beyond trimming extraneous points at ends of track).

Businesses are named below for reference only. No endorsement should be inferred. If you wish to see my opinion of the places mentioned, see TripAdvisor (for those that I have actually rated).


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