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Illinois 2021

Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, etc.

Friday, July 30 through Sunday, August 8

We drove from an event (supervisor’s retirement reception) in Norman, Oklahoma to sites of interest (see below) in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Because of our late departure (which is actually fairly typical), we only went to Joplin, Missouri for the first overnight stay. The points of interest were mostly places that I grew up with (various sites in/near Canton, Illinois; Wisconsin Dells; Lacey Keosauqua State Park, Iowa), or places that I visited later (Pikes Peak State Park, Iowa; White Pines Forest State Park, Illinois), or that were otherwise interesting (Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, Illinois; Spook Cave, near McGregor, Iowa). One unpleasant task on this trip was to verify that my mother’s grave marker was correct in White Chapel Memory Gardens, Canton, Illinois (see also our trip to Illinois in 2020). We returned to a different location than our departure point.

I tracked the trip with a Bad Elf GPS Pro+ GPSr (GPS receiver). There were two track segments that I neglected to record with that receiver, so the equivalent tracks from my 2014 Subaru Outback’s navigation system are substituted for them.

NOTE: the downloadable GPX tracks are the full GPX files, while those shown on the provided “view map” links are simplified (with minimal effect on geographic accuracy) for much faster viewing, except for the Subaru tracks, which are not simplified (yet?).

Original GPX tracks are unedited.

Businesses are named below for reference only. No endorsement should be inferred. If you wish to see my opinion of the places mentioned, see TripAdvisor (for those that I have actually rated).

Topographic maps (of the 1:24,000 type used in the USA) for the longer hikes are available via "Topo" links.


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