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Maine 2023 (September) (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Ellsworth and vicinity

Saturday, September 2 through Sunday, September 17, 2023

We flew from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Bangor, Maine via O'Hare International Airport (Chicago, Illinois). We spent most of the two weeks in Ellsworth, Maine at the house, mainly taking care of necessary tasks at our property, and doing some exploring of the woods near the house. We had scheduled our return to Oklahoma on the 16th, but had to reschedule (for the following day) when the remains of Hurricane Lee arrived, and caused all commercial airline flights to/from Bangor to be canceled the 16th. We returned to Oklahoma City via Chicago (reverse of outbound route).

I tracked the trip with a Bad Elf GPS Pro+ GPSr (GPS receiver), using my iPhone 12 (Gaia GPS app) as a backup (and the FlightRadar24 website). A few local trips were not recorded (since in-town trips are regularly ignored where we live). In addition, much of the last three days prior to departure were lost when I somehow lost my Bad Elf GPSr. As a result of the loss, my new Garmin eTrex SE GPSr was used for the return trip.

NOTE: the downloadable GPX tracks are the full GPX files, while those shown on the provided "view map" links are simplified (with minimal effect on geographic accuracy) for much faster viewing.

Original GPX tracks are unedited, except where necessary to fill in missing data. Edited tracks are noted in their descriptions.

Businesses are named below for reference only. No endorsement should be inferred. If you wish to see my opinion of the places mentioned, see TripAdvisor (for those few that I have actually rated).


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