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Minnesota 2014

Northern Minnesota

Thursday August 7 through Monday August 18

Stu & I drove (actually, I did all the driving) in my 2014 Subaru Outback to the far northern parts of Minnesota. The main attractions were Portage Falls (extreme northeast corner of Minnesota), Gull Lake and vicinity (also far northeast), and Lake Kabetogama (north-central). (For those not familiar, "Kabetogama" is pronounced: kæbə'toʊgəmə (sort of like cab-uh-TOE-guh-muh).) The entire trip was tracked by a Garmin Monterra GPS. The driving portion was also tracked by the Outback's navigation system. Stu brought a Garmin Fenix watch, and tracked parts of the trip, mainly the hiking, canoeing, and other boating. For the purposes of this website, the Monterra tracks are presented below. You can, if you wish, play with the URL to find the tracks from the other two sources (which can be downloaded to Google Earth or a GIS application for viewing). Instructions are beyond the scope of this page.

The Monterra connected with my Garmin Tempē temperature sensor on most of the tracks below, excluding automobile travel. The temperatures are in the GPX files, in °C. The sensor was carried in my black camera case, so readings were generally a few degrees higher than ambient air temperature, and because it was inside the case, rapid changes in temperature were not recorded.

When topographic maps are available, they are denoted by a "(Topo)" link, sometimes accompanied by a special description. Some are the standard 24,000:1, while others are different scales. Bright pink/magenta lines represent manually-powered transportation (canoe, hiking), and "amethyst" lines represent engine-powered transportation (motorboat).

One GPX file was edited to remove a point that was clearly incorrect.


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