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New Mexico 2015

Northern New Mexico

Friday September 4 through Sunday September 6

Stu & I drove (actually, I did all the driving) in my 2014 Subaru Outback to the far northern parts of New Mexico. The main attractions were Sugarite Canyon, near Raton, and Mt. Capulin. The entire trip was tracked by a Garmin Monterra GPS. The driving portion was also tracked by the Outback's navigation system. For the purposes of this website, the Monterra tracks are presented below. The Outback tracks may be added at a later date.

Where topographic maps are available, they are denoted by a "(Topo)" link, sometimes accompanied by a special description. They are the standard 24,000:1. Bright pink/magenta lines represent manually-powered transportation (hiking, in this case), and "amethyst" lines represent engine-powered transportation (e.g., motorboat, but no such vehicles were used on this trip).

GPX files have not been edited.


Friday, September 4

Saturday, September 5

Sunday, September 6

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