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Norway and Sweden 2015

Southern & central Norway, southwest Sweden

Sunday July 26 through Monday August 10

After being delayed by a day because of mechanical problems on our first flight, our rescheduled trip began early on Sunday, July 26. We flew from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Washington Dulles Int'l Airport in Virginia (near Washington, D. C.), then to Newark Int'l Airport in Newark, New Jersey, and finally to Oslo (Gardermoen), Norway. We visited Oslo, then took a train to Bodø, spent a couple of days there, and returned to Gardermoen, where we picked up a rental car. We drove into Sweden, visited several points of interest, then returned to Norway. We drove to Bergen, then to Ulvik, where we stayed for a couple of days, then returned to Oslo. We departed Oslo/Gardermoen for Newark and Oklahoma City on August 10 (also delayed by about 5 hours!).

I mainly used a Garmin Monterra GPS for tracking. Much of the train travel is missing, apparently because of reception problems. There is also a 15-minute (approximately) missing track after we departed Karlstad, Sweden. I forgot to start the Monterra until we were already on the highway, and it failed to start properly for a few more minutes. There are also many tunnels in Norway, and GPS/GLONASS signals cannot be received there, so the tunnel tracks are shown as straight lines between our entry and exit points.

Topographic maps are denoted by a "(Topo)" link (only one is available for this trip). Bright pink/magenta lines represent manually-powered transportation (e.g., canoe, hiking).

Unless specified otherwise, GPX tracks are unedited. To view unedited versions of edited files, remove ".edited" from the file name in your browser's address bar, and press [Enter] or its equivalent.


Sunday, July 26

Monday, July 27

Tuesday, July 28

Wednesday, July 29

Thursday, July 30

Friday, July 31—early morning Saturday, August 1

Saturday, August 1 (enter Sweden)

Sunday, August 2 (Sweden)

Monday, August 3 (Sweden, return to Norway)

Tuesday, August 4

Wednesday, August 5

Thursday, August 6

Friday, August 7

Saturday, August 8

Sunday, August 9

Monday, August 10

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