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Pacific Northwest 2017

Washington, southwest British Columbia, northern Oregon

Saturday, May 20 through Sunday, June 4

We flew from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Denver, Colorado to Seattle, Washington on Saturday, May 20. Our route took us across the Olympic Peninsula (Washington), to Victoria and Vancouver Island (British Columbia) by ferry, Vancouver (BC) by another ferry, back across Washington into the Grand Coulee and Palouse region (SE Washington, W Idaho, NE Oregon), to the Painted Hills in Oregon, then back along the Columbia River (Oregon side) to Portland, and then north to Seattle. On Sunday, June 4, we flew from Seattle to San Francisco, California, and back to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I tracked most of the trip with a Bad Elf GPS Pro+ GPSr (GPS receiver). There was one catastrophic software failure of the unit when we drove from Sooke, British Columbia to Victoria, B.C. I used Stu's Bad Elf and my own iPhone (Navigon app) to cover that stretch. NOTE: the downloadable GPX tracks are the full GPX files, while those shown on the provided "view map" links are simplified (with minimal effect on geographic accuracy) for much faster viewing.

Topographic maps are denoted by a "(Topo)" link. Bright pink/magenta lines represent manually-powered transportation (e.g., canoe, hiking).

Original GPX tracks are unedited, except as noted.

Businesses are named below for reference only. No endorsement should be inferred. If you wish to see my opinion of the places mentioned, see TripAdvisor (for those that I have actually rated).


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