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España (Spain) 2008

Madrid, Lorca, Cazorla, Granada, Salobreña

Thursday July 24 through Saturday August 2

Stu & I went to Spain in late July and early August of 2008. I took along a GPS to log our trip. Once we returned home, I converted the GPS logs into a single, large KML file for display here. There were a few "issues," however. The GPS' shortcomings included the frequent loss of signal in cities, due to narrow streets, tall buildings, and the lack of high sensitivity (it's a Garmin eTrex Vista Cx, not the HCx, unfortunately). As a result, there are many missing pieces of our trail while in town. The tracks contain travel by car, on foot, and, in rare cases, on public transportation (in most cases, the GPS was unable to track us on public transit). I have gone through the GPS tracks and removed glaring errors, except for a few where the correction would actually be worse than the error.

Below the KML links, I've included a description of each day, plus a link to the (mostly) unedited GPX files, plus Google Maps visualization.

Important note: The links below show each day's travels as violet lines on a background map. If you wish to view the tracks in Google Earth, right-click/download the files you want here (except the "View" link):

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