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Texas 2015

Corpus Christi

Saturday November 14 to Wednesday November 18

I drove to Corpus Christi, Texas in my 2014 Subaru Outback to meet Stu there (he was there for work, and had flown there two days earlier). Some of the travel was on my own, but for Tuesday and Wednesday, we were together for all travel. The main attractions on this trip were Ocean Drive and vicinity in Corpus Christi itself, the South Texas Botanical Gardens, and the North Padre Island seashore. The driving portion of this trip was tracked by the Outback's navigation system and, with a couple of exceptions, my iPhone 6, using the Gaia app. Walking and hiking at the attraction sites were also tracked by my Garmin Oregon 600 GPS. For the purposes of this website, the iPhone tracks are used, where available for the driving portion of the trip (except for the first leg, where the Outback's tracks are substituted), since those tracks are smaller files, although significantly less accurate at times. The Garmin Oregon 600's tracks are used for the hiking and walking portions.

Where topographic maps are available, they are denoted by a "(Topo)" link. They are the standard 24,000:1-scale maps. As is customary on this site, bright pink/magenta lines represent manually-powered transportation (hiking/walking, in this case), and "amethyst" lines represent engine-powered transportation (e.g., motorboat, but no such vehicles were used on this trip).

GPX files have not been edited.


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